Watsonville market makeover promotes healthy eating

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With all the cookies, nuts, crackers and cheese, veggies and dip surrounding you, mindless picking can easily add up to a meal’s worth or more of calories and send you way over your carb budget. Instead, plan to eat one of your three daily meals at the party. And when you do, inspect the offerings first before loading up your plate. Make your first trip for vegetables and salad (bring a veggie tray to share if menu choices are in doubt). The challenge: You’re eating out a lot.
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Nontraditional approach keeps family-owned  gym business fit

Stick with whole foods and make a goal to eat “closer to the farm” by avoid highly processed foods. QUIZ: Find Your Eating Personality 8. Gum Chew it after you’ve had an appropriate serving of food. It will help you to avoid “picking” at the table. 9. Do the napkin test If it leaves an oil mark, leave it on the table.
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Top 10 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

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The project was celebrated Monday with a ribbon-cutting. Martin Ramirez, who bought Vicky’s three years ago with brother Miguel, said it’s too early to tell whether the market will make more money, especially now during a seasonal slowdown in this agricultural community. But he said produce bins outside the entrance are bringing in more customers. Besides, he said, his own doctor told him to start eating better to combat high cholesterol. So he knows he’s serving his customers by offering healthier options. “Anything we can do to promote healthy eating is going to benefit everyone in the community,” he said. Marketing is key to changing eating patterns, said Dina Izzo of BluDog Organic Produce Services.
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